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    We are a multi-Disciplinary musculoskeletal rehabilitation clinic specialising in physiotherapy. We provide a friendly and proffesional service for our patients and are trusted to work with some of the biggest names in sport. We currently have clinic locations in the following areas: Twickenham and Mayfair 

  • Physiotherapy

    Stoke Health Physiotherapy use arrange of treatment methods and work as part of a team to ensure you receive the best possible care available. We pride ourselves on our access to state of the art diagnostics to ensure our treatment is effective and your recovery from injury is as quick as possible. Stoke Health also works closely with operative specialists and consultants to ensure each treatment we provide is suitable for you.

  • Athletes Rehabilitation

    Stoke Health has been trusted to work closely with some of GB’s athletes. Our consultants are trusted in not only the rehabilitation but the performance of our athletes and work closely with them to ensure each can perform at their best. With locations in Twickenham and Mayfair we are able to provide a proffesional service at a convenient location for you. 

Who We Are

Stoke Health is one of London's leading multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation providers, bringing the standards of elite, professional care to everyone. Our team of friendly specialists use state of the art equipment and diagnostic methods to help patients recover from a wide range of injuries. You have the added reassurance that we are trusted to work with some of London's leading sports professionals and biggest names out there. We currently have clinic locations in Twickenham and Mayfair.
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What We Do

Stoke Health has some of London's leading specialists in neck pain, back pain, sports rehabilitation, ligaments/ cartilage repair, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, headaches/ migraines and musculoskeletal rehabilitation and more all within their fields set out below:

Personal Training

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Why Choose Us

"I was extremely impressed with the service at Stoke Health and after just a few sessions my hip injury has gone, I would highly recommend to anyone"
Catherine Barlow, Twickenham

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If you are not completely satisfied with your first session you have received, we will refund the full purchase price.

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